The Roasting Process – About Our Coffee

“Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven.”
Jessi Lane Adams.

The Bean Coffee Roaster gets their coffee beans raw and uncooked from major coffee-producing regions, serving only coffee made from world-class beans.

You’ll find:

Guatemalan – Full body, a rich chocolatey – cocoa flavor, and a toffee-like sweetness.

Columbian –  Medium-bodied, a rich fruity  flavor taste and citrus-like acidity.

Honduras – Full-bodied with a sweet and mild taste.

Costa Rica – Great body, often full, and a rich, robust flavor and crisp acidity.

Papa New Guinea – Low-toned richness, earthy, and a low to moderate acidity.

Ethiopia –  Light to medium body, with a sweet flavor and aroma.

Sumatra – Full body, earthy, distinct herbal tones, and a low acidity.

Mocha Java – One part Yemen coffee with two parts of Indonesian Java Arabica coffee, a traditional formula but highly rare in today’s world coffee market.

Bean roasting is carefully done every day with more than 4 to 5 lbs. of flavorful beans per batch.


The batches are roasted both to have freshly roasted coffee to prepare in the café, as well as to assemble customized roasted coffee beans to purchase by the bag for customers.

Water Process Decaffeination

We strictly use water processed decaffeinated beans avoiding the harsh chemicals that are used in other decaffeination processes.

Buying coffee from all around the world, comes with the responsibility of making sure everyone involved is equity and fairly rewarded by their job, that’s why we always make sure that every bean is a Fair Trade Bean.

Meaning that the other side of every one of our partnerships, makes sure to offer sustainable development to the plantations and harvest process, as well as and adequate, dignified and fair conditions to coffee bean farmers.

We make sure that each cup of coffee is transparent, respectful and fairly made, the coffee just tastes better when doing what is right.

At The Bean Coffee Roaster, every up of coffee will taste unique, come discover your favorite coffee bean, tasty coffee mix, and your ideal roast level.